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About Us

Britain's first relocation agency

Helping your employees settle in with their new life

Based in England's North West, Relocation Management is an owner-managed independent company, and we have been helping people relocate their lives to the United Kingdom for over 25 years. Being Britain's first relocation agency, we're the experts when it comes to helping your employee relocate abroad. 

Working mainly on behalf of multinational companies moving staff around the world, Paul and Debbie Gregory handle everything for you, from house-hunting to school search to removals and lots of human problems in between. 
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Relocating to a new city

Meet the team

Paul Gregory is a Chartered Architect with a master's degree in Business Administration. When he's not looking for properties to rent or buy for clients, Paul manages his own portfolio of investment properties. 

Debbie Gregory is a graduate in Home Economics with 25 years' experience of teaching in the private, state and special needs sectors. Gaining entry to a good school in the UK can be more difficult than you might imagine. Debbie will guide you through the maze.
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