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Educational Consultancy

School searching and educational support

Help your children achieve a place in a good school

Gaining entry to a good school in the United Kingdom can be a daunting task. At Relocation Management, we will guide you through the entire process to secure your children a place in a respectable school. There are various entry requirements for the different types of schools available in the United Kingdom, from primary to grammar and secondary schools. Relocation Management will work closely with you and provide expert guidance during this stressful time, from searching for the appropriate schools to accompanied visits and organising assessments/examinations, we're there to help.
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School searching
Call Relocation Management in Liverpool today for education support and school searching across the United Kingdom:

Call +44 (0)151 428 4772
School admission guidance

Getting you through the school maze

  • Assessment of needs, including the different types of schools available
  • School searching on behalf of the client
  • Guidance through entry procedures
  • Advice on schooling options
  • Advice on the availability of spaces in the United Kingdom
  • Accompanied visits to potential schools
  • Organising assessments and examinations
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